Asbury Grove 2014 or is it 1914?

  We had the great pleasure and honor of playing for a community dance at Asbury Grove in Hamilton Massachussets this past Saturday. The Grove is unique, wonderful and its one of our favorite places to play.

Now a year round Christian community, Asbury Grove began life as a Methodist camp meeting site in 1859. The charming Gingerbread style summer cottages and communal buildings that still stand today were built in the late 19th century. Many cottages have been converted for year round use. The postard above depicts the Tabernacle Hall where we played and the community church. They look the same now as they did 100 years ago.

When we arrived, the neighborhood kids were making tacos in the dining hall and the church bells were ringing "Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen". We couldn't help ourselves and started singing too. 
The folks who came out to the concert were very appreciative and danced up a storm too. We even got a conga line going.

Feelin' the Spirit....
- Lightnin' Larry

Joint Was a Jumpin' at Johnny's

   Check out this cool phone photo snapped by our drummer, the amazing Mike Migliozzi at our Wednesday evenig gig at Johnny D's in Somerville.
We didn't know what to expect for this middle of the week, middle of the summer gig especially since it had been pouring cats, dogs, banjos... what have you all day. Would anybody show?
The band arrived early and we were greeted by Jack the super- duper sound tech. Not only did he really know his stuff but, we were one of the first bands to use Johnny D's brand new EXCELLENT sound system. Then, the dancers and fans started to arrive and we knew we were in for a great evening. The joint was a-rockin'.

-Lightnin' Larry

Our gig at the Blackthorne Tavern

  We had the great pleasure of playing the Blackthorne Publik House in South Easton Massachusetts last week. As soon as we walked in the door, as Mike our drummer put it, "We felt that we we're home". Chef Tammy cooked us up some amazing food. It's hard to rave about burgers but, her Hawaiian burger sent me to Honolulu and back. 
Joyce Parlapino, the owner is a huge music fan and she hires bands most every night of the week. The room is fantastic with a fireplace and beamed ceiling. It reminded us of the roadhouses of old where so much good music was born.
-Lightnin' Larry 

We're on the radio!

By Golly, we're on the Radio!

Over 3,000 listeners have heard selections from our CD's over and jango radio.

Listen here:

Jango Radio


Roots and Branches


Roots and Branches is here!

Our new CD "Roots and Branches" is now complete and ready for your listening pleasure. All twelve songs are written by Ralph and range in style from zydeco to blues to ballads.
We recorded all of the main tracks on a cold weekend in February 2014 under the expert guidance of Eric Kilburn at Wellspring Sound in Acton Massachusetts. You can listen to some samples from the album on our music page and purchase tunes from our buy page